Sun, beautiful mountains & the purest air on top of the world

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ST. MORITZ: This Engadin village at 1.822 m above sea level is called the “top of the world” in a slogan from 1987 and is indeed a unique kind of place. Talking about self-PR, this little Swiss town has done everything right from the beginning: A good mixture of a chic international crowd, the first grand hotels, magnificent sports events and clubs like the Corviglia Club or the Cresta Club (just to name a few) have made this place special and talked about for a long time.

St. Moritz is actually like a beautiful Lady who ages well and always succeeds in reinventing herself. There are times when I did not like this place and other times where I had to be there at least twice a year to meet my friends who came from all over the world.

Now I really go because of the sports and the quality of air, skiing, long walks into the Fexthal, the best Engadin cuisine and because this Alpine town has so many facets. You meet everyone, any business idea finds its place, whether it is an art festival in the mountains (who would have imagined that 20 years ago) or an Afghan ski club who has its own pop-up cafe where all profits go straight back to Afghanistan in order to build skiing lifts and schools in their magnificent mountains.

But enough about St. Moritz… You can probably imagine what I thought when the BeYu cosmetics brand, selling exclusively at the Douglas stores, asked me to design an exclusive IRMA for BeYu decorative cosmetics line. 🙂

The research had been done, starting a long time ago, and I looked into my sketch books to find some inspiration. The colour theme selected by the brand’s make-up team was a fantastic inspiration, and with great fun the “IRMA Mountain Glam, limited Design Collection for BeYu” was created. This is my second collection for the brand, and there is more to come (surprise)!

Now have a look at this unique make-up set that contains an eye colour selection, lipstick, nail polish, mascara, lip gloss and a tri-colored blusher. Tell me which product you like most, I would love to know, and enjoy St. Moritz when you get there. My Travel Guide will be out by the end of the month and if you can’t wait, visit a Douglas store to find the printed version of the IRMA ST. MORITZ GUIDE at the BeYu counter.


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