My artist space. Why a working studio should feel like home

Daily fresh flowers. Hat and blanket by Hermès

When I was looking for a studio in Munich many years ago, I could not find anything suitable for my budget in the city centre.
I started to look around the countryside and very soon felt and saw all the benefits of a studio in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature and basically nothing.

Jasmin Khezri wears an Hermès Cape.

Close to Tegernsee I found a beautiful country house , situated in a small, green lush garden and an endless views over the hills.
I very much love this place that provides me with everything I need to work and relax. Space, fresh air, endless horizons and a garden filled with blooming flowers during summer.

Rubelli fabrics

I start my day picking bouquets from that garden which sets the mood for the day , the colours inspire my work and the many spacious rooms are perfect to leave all paints and chalks lying around, just to pick them up any time I feel like doing an illustration or working on a design. Besides, I arranged daybeds in almost every room, not exactly to sleep in but to lay down , read, daydream or just rest.

Biedermeier table, Barcelona Chair

This country studio is the perfect space to reset my mind, whether it is on a new conceptual project, creating a corporate identity, doing an illustration art work for my next exhibition or creating a visual language for a corporate client. The house is like a blank piece of paper filled easily by my thoughts, inspired by space and time.

In the hallway a 70s vintage exhibition Poster by Matisse, vintage table and mirror from Venezia.

It was very important to find a studio that is the opposite of our city office, which looks and feels very different. When you work in a creative job you need differentiation, contrast and always something that inspires you for new ideas.

IRMA illustration

The studio, which I should call a weekend residence is a place you would want to move in and that is exactly how all working spaces should be today. Rooms and spaces that feel so comfortable, not only to get your work done.


Living room