More than one swimsuit

Credit: Bathing suit by COS summer 2015 collection All pictures: IRMASWORLD Accessories: IRMA’s own
Credit: Bathing suit by COS summer 2015 collection
All pictures: IRMASWORLD
Accessories: IRMA’s own

FORTE DEI MARMI: A swimsuit is something that one should consider in many different ways. You can wear it simple and plain when you swim your lanes or as a tricot with high-waist shorts or a wide skirt, and you can make a unique and pretty top out of it. This makes a swimsuit a great option when traveling light for a weekend by the sea or simply if you are so in love with your new bathing suit that you also have to wear it outside the pool.

Just start making little adjustments to it, like I did on a rainy afternoon in the middle of June to keep me busy and to make the most out of this well-cut, simple black COS bathing suit.

ALL YOU NEED: A good bathing suit with a simple but good cut (it is of great advantage when the material is not too thin, but rather thicker), cotton, silk and neoprene flowers which you can buy ready-made, make them yourself or use the ones which you get as a decoration on your presents, grosgrain ribbon in different colours, or thin belts

1. It matters very much where you put a flower. My decision to pin the Chanel Camelia in the middle of the bathing suit is very Chanel, especially when the suit has a classic cut and comes in black.

2. Mix up different flowers and your favorite stickers and brooches, the more the better to get a more bohemian style. I was inspired very much by the Gucci Resort 2016 Collection just shown in New York.

3. The red silk flowers were made by myself and are very easy to do. Just draw a flower like a child on a piece of material (not too thin) and cut out the shape. Repeat with several more flowers and stitch them all together in the middle to create a flower.

4. To wear a belt with a bathing suit can be unpractical but it lengthens your legs and makes a very cool waistline, especially when you wear it with flat Greek sandals and just your favorite hat – a perfect outfit for the beach.

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