Last seasons, new season & the classics

Thinking about sustainable fashion starts when you rethink your wardrobe for next season. Take advantage of choosing pieces that will work well for next season and may even become a signature piece from your favourite brand.
We have selected items from our current collection that are on sale and mixed them with our new Spring/Summer 2023 collection, which will be launched in early February. To make it easier for you, we have also included some classic pieces that will carry over from one season to the next, perhaps just changing colour or fabric, but we are still sticking with them.


Don’t let the weather keep you from a new spring blouse or even a pair of summer trousers.
Add a warm knit or coat from winter and create the perfect look.

Classic: Knitwear No. 54. Orange collar Cardigan with belt


Stay in a colour that makes you feel comfortable. Not only do dark colours work for colder days, we even had a pair of pink trousers and a matching shirt for winter. It is just a question of how you combine colours, materials and accessories to make it work.

Classic: Cala. Pink blouse

Shop for items that work all year round, like shirts and our trousers. Most are made from cotton with some elastane and are suitable for both warmer and cooler temperatures.

Cala. Pink blouse

Classic: Knitwear No. 25. Engadin crocheted Petite vest with belt. Pommes Granate // Crocheted cuffs


Accessories are important when wearing a summer dress early in the year. Think matching tights in a different colour and boots will always make a statement and keep you warm, or just wear a colourful knitted hat to add some colour.


Classic: Cala. Petite fleur