It’s time for some serious fun


PARIS: Talking to Mr. Jeremy Scott is funny, actually very funny. He is always surrounded by a certain Pop halo, even looking at him makes you want to whistle to him instead of talking. But don’t be fooled: behind that funny face is a strong vision, a bunch of ideas and always a sense of humour.

I am meeting him at Colette on a spring day in Paris for a quick chat. In his collections you will always find a little bit of this and that but it is pulled in his direction and, as I said, always with a funny touch. Enough to have a laugh about.

A new fragrance, named Moschino Toy and advertised as the “world’s cutest perfume”; a just-opened L.A. flagship store and a New York location on the way; Katy Perry flying over the 50-yard line at the Super Bowl in a star-spangled dazzler with a Moschino tag inside. I would say Mr Scott is very productive.

His love for pop-culture icons like McDonald’s and Barbie were the perfect scoop for the social media phenomena. Now he looked again at the street popular fashion, the success of HBA, VFiles and Kanye West x Adidas Originals, but he didn’t just copy what he saw, he made it even funnier. His collection has more colour to put on and his bright sleeping bag coats are definitely something new and on top are guaranteed to keep you warm on the streets this coming winter season. The finale and homage to the street is the evening wear, satin gowns with a collection of graffiti art on top.

So there is actually nothing left to say except:

IRMA: How do you always find the most amusing side of everything that gets into your hands?

JEREMY SCOTT: Well, I guess I am God (laughs).

IRMA: Oh, tell me all about it.

J.S.: I am just kidding! I just look around and observe and look at everything, soak it in like a sponge and see what comes out of it. Have fun with it.

IRMA: Next year’s must-have: Sponge Bob, am I right?

J.S.: You will see.