Is hashtag dressing becoming a trend? I think so #WhyWeWearBlack

What does it mean to be part of an awards ceremony like the Golden Globes in times of women empowerment and encouragement, in times when Hollywood’s dirty secrets are no more and the awakening of a movement characterized by the #meToo?

To show solidarity, the female guests were asked to attend in a black dress and to use #TimesUp #WhyWeWearBlack on their social media feeds. Of course the majority of the invites followed the suggestion and came in black.

I wonder how Hollywood stylists, who had a trickier job to do on this Golden Globes weekend coped with the demand of the black dress, wondering how to dress their clients for a #WhyWeWearBlack red carpet and there are only so many little/ grand black dresses in each Haute Couture collection those days .

But of course, there is always an escapee and some actresses came in colorful gowns, which made them stand out in their way and spread a different massage. Why didn’t they create their own hashtag?

Is that the beginning of hashtag dressing or should we rather call it getting dressed with a message? The thought of it makes me smile and wonder how much fun we will have following hashtag dress codes and their output not to mention all the newsletters of online fashion platforms, influencers etc.:)

So next time you are throwing a party don’t forget to put a hashtag on the invitation note – if possible with a strong message.