IRMAS Holiday Gift Guide

What I like most about the holiday season is all the preparation. Whether it’s for dinner with friends, wrapping presents or planning a holiday trip.
This year, more than ever, we celebrate the time before, with all the little things we prepare for the holidays that make this time special – little things that lift our spirits, make us smile and remind us of who we are inside.
Isn’t it the time of year when you reflect on what you have achieved and what you would like to achieve in the future? What people and friends you would like to spend more time with and what makes your life special. Don’t wait until the holidays start, celebrate today by preparing, treating yourself to a unique gift, something small with a big impact, and surrounding yourself with beautiful things and scents, delicious food and nice company.
IRMA’S GIFT GUIDE is about all these things.


Our annual Advent wreath comes in bright red with a turquoise ribbon that contrasts beautifully with the mixed fir and greenery. We are taking orders until Wednesday so they will be with you by Saturday. (more here)



Add a touch of glitz to your hair or wrist with our hair bands. (more here)


Our handmade knitwear in organic wool and cotton are the ideal heart warmers in your wardrobe, not just for the holidays.(more here)


Everyone loves to travel, and one of our travel posters makes the perfect Christmas gift. Choose a few to create a beautiful journey on your walls. (more here)


Yes, we spread the message and donate 20% of the proceeds to (more here)


A cosy scarf, a shawl or a decorative blanket for your sofa, all in one piece. Great gift. (more here)


We love creating fun hats, this one comes in rainbow colours, is a little extra-large and fun to wear. (more here)


We’ve been doing this for two years, we recycle vintage furs because it’s much better to create something new with something that’s already there, no waste, good awareness and a cool new look.(more here)


Our illustrated plates make it twice as much fun to set the table when you invite friends over for dinner. (more here)