IRMA’S GIFT GUIDE: What to bring when invited for dinner

Jasmin wears a coat by COS, cashmere sweater by JOSEPH, pants by MANGO and slippers by GUCCI, all from Winter 2016
Jasmin wears a coat by COS, cashmere sweater by JOSEPH, pants by MANGO and slippers by GUCCI, all from Winter 2016

The other day I threw a dinner party, just like that, and I received the nicest, most well-thought of gift from a friend of mine, who handed me a neatly packed stack of magazines bound together with a plume coloured bow. I had never seen these magazine covers before but they were all niche titles of great interest to me. I thought that was a great idea that really made me happy and inspired me so much.
So next time you are invited to your friend’s house, don’t just grab a bottle of Bordeaux but really think how you could make that particular person happy.

IRMA thought of some ideas:

If you do not want to spend much, why don’t you download a special app on your friend’s phone. For example, if they are a continuous selfie shooter, give them the latest download of Facetune and make them look even better. Any hobby cook will enjoy a good cooking app like Kitchen Stories, which offers not only recipes, but plenty of photos and videos with easy-to-follow instructions. Fitnet is a great workout app for anyone who overdid it at Christmas and wants to get fit but can’t carve out time to go to the gym. The app features an abundance of five- and seven-minute targeted workouts. A nice complement for the runners among your friends is Spotify Running, which measures your pace and picks a song with the beats per minute to match it.

But not just any kind. Either give them the nicest hydrangeas or roses in one colour, so beautiful and pure, or give a three-week subscription from LILLY & ROSES, a floral sending company from Berlin which surprises their clients every week with fresh bouquets via mail.

Your friend actually doesn’t like to cook? No problem, have the dessert on your check and order via Lieferando, Deliveroo or Fedora from your favorite restaurant. What a relief — one course less for the host. Do let the host know beforehand that dessert is on you, so they know they don’t have to take care of it.

Your friends don’t really drink nor do they know much about wines and spirits. Have them sent a selection which will change that forever and make them a private wine tasting present. You might be part of that.

Give your host a good hand and order a top masseuse for the next day to say thank you. What a treat and nice feeling after a long night and cleaning up all these dishes.

JK from IRMASWORLD goes for classic flower bouquets. She always buys three dozens and only of one kind.