IRMA’S ADVISE: Take good care of your eyes


Wear your sunglasses as often as you leave the house. Whether you are going for a walk, ride your bike in the park. The air is harsh and the shield of your sunnies is a protection. Cape by ETRO, glasses by Celine.


… and sleep as much as you can. That would be maybe the ideal treatment you could get if time wouldn’t matter.
Our eyes are the focus of the face and they work hard all-day, are always confronted with different weather conditions, lights and dryness and have to function till late at night, way too often in front of bright screens.

IRMA selected the tricks and tools that give your eyes a treat and make them glow and healthy.


Start your day with an open eye dive into a bowl of cooling ice water, the best you can do for swollen, puffy eyes and an instant wakeup treat that also train your eye muscles and increase circulation.



Take extra care with an extra rich destressing eye care formula, SeaCreation eye cream by BABOR. I do carry this rich eye cream in my handbag. I know a good eye cream will last all-day long, but temperature changes, harsh winds and dry air need some extra care for your eyes this is why I carry my eye cream along. The component of microalgae boosts cells and hides immediately fine lines, so why not also using the cream in between whenever your eyes feel tired and stressed. Algae has detoxifying properties that have an anti-oxidant effect on the skin, protecting it against oxidative stress caused by environmental factors, in particular ozone.



How come we choose organic food when it comes to nutrition, but are less careful when we choose our Make-up, especially the eyes.

Your skin, even more around your eyes is extremely sensitive and thin, organic make up, by the German-Brazilian brand BAIMS comes with the care taking, sensitive ingredients in high pigments and substances in pretty boxes and jars.

Putting eye shadow on your lids feels like a silk voile and the mascara’s oils like a care taking procedure instead of plugging pores and fine hair together.

Their sustainable packaging made of regrowing Bamboo feels good in your hands, make a nice addition in your powder room and shows that this brand thinks sustainable all the way.

Also mixing the eyeshadows together to get new colours is great fun as the natural pigments mix well. I even use their lipstick on my eyelids upper corner and it feels soft and blends in nicely with my skin tone.


For your eyes is a must in order to function well and glow. We advise you to take a drop of eye caring cream especially to moist your eyes from inside while going to sleep. You can get theses medical eye creams at your pharmacy without any prescription.


Wear a medical eye and sleep mask by Venex while your sleep, even when the room is dark. This is not any kind of eye mask but one with a natural material and patent Venex regenerating material that recharge the energy of your eyes while resting. How it works?

The patent Venex Phasa activates the parasympathic nervous system and therefor makes it easier to fall asleep and have a very deep, relaxing regeneration recovery.

Swellings and dark circles are less visible as the circulation will be increased to balance the nervous system


The best would be to just use raw coconut oil and lukewarm water, but only a very soft cloth to take of the oils by not pressing and rubbing to harsh. Or use a special Eyecare milk by the swiss label ALPIENNE  for extra caretaking eye make up remover.


The bestselling holistic beauty book GLOW by our guest editor Vasudha Rai. She talks about remedies, Indian wellness foods, recipes and rituals for beauty, inside out and good health starts in your eyes.