Good mood on Press Days Summer 2019

How could you not smile while looking at summer fashion and accessories and listening to the latest fashion talk by the PRs?

Press days in grey November are a highlight and make you think that summer is just around the corner.

Today it actually felt like spring in sunny Munich and trying on sunglasses or pretty, hand painted Borsalinos gave you that holiday vibe and not a hard-working day mood.
That is what is nice about being an editor and although digital newsing is doing its job, press days are still there to spread the very fresh news first .

Come with us and see just a small glimpse of the goodies which will make your summer 2018 colourful and fun.


Flowers make us dream, always and placing a typical summer basket bag next to fresh flowers is instant sunshine. We love to take that Ferragamo basket bag and wear it already to our tweed coats now.


Salvatore Ferragamo came up with a re-edition of his Collectablecollection. What a great idea to take their signature style from the 40ies to the 70ies with original materials from the time being. Just imagine open sandals made out of candy paper, as leather was a rare material during world war second. We love that historic vintage approach.


Escada is going on, as Designer Niall Sloan brings back the 80ies signature Escada style in a sophisticated modern way. We like the candy colours and bold accessories, lots of gold buttons and chains and all the vibe of laissez moi faire. Whereas Brunello Cucinelli, is doing earthy colours in his super exquisite high maintenance materials and texture.


What would be a summer without Lolita style sunnies best in a leo print . AMQ makes nice ones


Instead of using perfume you can get scented ink by Montblanc and indulge in your favourite scents while writing a note or receiving a letter. These perfumes, coloured inks will be waiting for you in spring and writing will become a very new experience. By the way the ink jars will make a great appearance on your desk.


Our editor Jasmin Khezri working hard while trying on different sunnies.


Realistic as animals and flowers; graphic and minimalist as Quatre variations; lofty and immortal as timeless creations, the Boucheron collection of animals is a collector’s piece. Once you will start you will soon have a zoo, if money doesn’t matter.


Yes, Gucci glasses, big and mighty, colour blocking dope fashion must have accessory. Go for it, even if you will wear them randomly.


A plexiglass heeled mules by Salvatore Ferragamo’s Collectable collection available in December in stores.