How to wear a flowery outfit when it is still cold outside?


Yes, we would love to wear our Marni Flower print dress with bare legs and Gucci clogs right this moment but of course we are sensible and think twice before leaving the house. Besides we would wear the outfit all day long and not only to a fashion show, getting from the car into the venue.

Here are IRMA’s ideas to wear your flower print favourite piece instantly:

  • Black, white or red opaque tights are a first aid solution when it comes to making your light dress wearable outside. Black tights even enhance the color and print and put the focus on your outfit.
  • Wear only one piece with a flowery print. A long dress or pajama-style suit is still too early to wear and you would need to add lots of bare skin.
  • We like to combine classic stripes with flowers. The graphic pattern goes perfectly with any kind of flower print. Do not even try to match them colourwise.
  • Accessories like bags and shoes should be neutrals which we prefer even to the bright primary colored hues. The contrast is perfect.
  • Wear any kind of printed scarf to your floral pattern. First to keep you warm and also to mix and match your outfit in seconds. Remember, don’t think twice.
  • We like our accessories in a flowery print or brooches and pins with a flower design. They add instant spring to your look, even your winter tweeds.