Here comes the sun

… suddenly, a sunny warm day comes along and we can’t wait to wear a summer dress but our legs still don’t seem to match the mood. No worries, we found solutions that can make it work within 24 hours:



This Sheer BB Cream makes you look as if coming back from a weekend in the sun. It is sheer and light-revealing to ensure you look healthy tanned. Use it as a highlighter on your upper eyelid or all over the face. It contains a SPF 30 that makes it truly safe and useful in the sun.

  • REDKEN, Diamond Oil

Sheer Oil makes your skin tone glow. Oil your legs with spray oil or massage it straight onto your legs. Oiled skin always looks well nurtured and toned and when it comes with sparkling particles it looks even tanned and makes cellulite almost disappear.

  • YVES SAINT LAURENT, Tanning powder

Tanning powders are not only good for a quick radiant touch-up on your face. We use it with an extra bold brush on our arms, hands, legs and décolleté. Just be careful where you apply it, so your white sofa will not get a tan as well.


Infuse your nails before going to the sun with an extra care treatment which will resuscitate dry, cracking cuticles and stop your nails from turning yellow or make your cuticle skin look dry and wrinkled.


  • Natural Manicure by EVE SNOW

A light lacquer stops your nails from turning yellow and when it comes also with nutritive like Marula, Vitamin E and Argan oil as well as Ginkgo Biloba, you will benefit even more from a day of sunlight as your nails are protected by Vitamin B12. Perfect for vegans and free of formaldehyde

By the way, walking on sand and dipping your toes into salt water is the best pedicure/manicure you can get. Go lacquer-free if you can and see the super healthy results at night. Use a nail scrub before.



Whether you go bikini shopping on the first sunny day or on a date with your loved one, make sure you are golden tanned. You will not only look better but feel like Goldfinger’s girlfriend. A tan makes you automatically look sexy and even slimmer.



Makes your lips bright and healthy and even lets you resist a bright lipstick on a sunny day. Take extra care of your lips, they are always in focus. Scrub, peel and protect them 24 hours.


  • Sunshine for your hair with a detox treatment by RAHUA

We love our hair to get that lighter touch during the sunny summer months, but the older the hair gets the less beneficial is direct sun on your hair as it dries out the hair structure and makes it stubborn. You can use oils, sun protection sprays or just wear a hat all day long. But we like to keep it simple and use the richest mask the market has to offer for a regenerating and detoxing treatment at night.


  • Best base by peeling: SMOOTHING BODY SCRUB by TATA HARPER

Start with a perfect base and shave, peel and scrub your skin first. A peeling twice a week prepares the skin for tanning oils and self tanning lotions. It also takes off all the particles left of those products and makes your skin renew itself.