GOLRAN carpets are actually paintings for the floor


The Italian carpet manufacturer GOLRAN designs carpets that make you dream and can instantly renovate your room. Their designs are like paintings and IRMA wanted to find out how they do it.

IRMA: How would you explain to an alien what carpets are, and why they are necessary?
ELIAHU GOLRAN: Carpets are like paintings for the floors. In an interior project, carpets are such necessary pieces because they immediately make a room look comfortable. Each carpet has a story to tell that comes from its design and its manufacture and this story floods into the room to make it look more cozy and warm.

IRMA: How do you choose your designer cooperations?
ELIAHU GOLRAN: The new collections are created from original designs by some of the most sensitive international designers (Isabella Sodi, Bertjan Pot, Raw Edges, Inga Sempè and Dimore Studio, to mention just the first, now consolidated partnerships) led by Francesca Avossa’s art direction team and manufactured by expert Nepalese, Indian, Turkish and Persian knotters and weavers, with the very finest raw materials and ethical awareness.

IRMA: What are you looking for in a good design for Golran?
ELIAHU GOLRAN: Golran is doing research on unusual and unexpected luxury, to propose high-end projects that always become trends in the interior world.

IRMA: What is your favourite colour combination? All your designs seem to have a common colour scheme.
ELIAHU GOLRAN: We make deep research on colour and colour combinations. We don’t have any scheme, but our focus is to create a general harmony on the colour palette that we use.


IRMA: What can a carpet do to a room?
ELIAHU GOLRAN: To add or to change a carpet inside a room is the easiest way to renovate it.

IRMA: Any childhood memories around carpets?
ELIAHU GOLRAN: We are the fourth generation that is running our family business. So we grew up among the rugs! I remember our first family warehouse, filled with thousands of rugs one on top the other and oriental scents all over the the space. We spent so many afternoons there, jumping from one pile of rugs to another, dreaming about the variety of Persian design details!

IRMA: What does the perfect flying carpet look like? What is it made of?
ELIAHU GOLRAN: The perfect flying carpets is made of dreams that could bring you wherever you want to.