Easter Surprise


MUNICH: The Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg and the Dallmayr maîtres chocolatiers have concocted something truly special for the coming Easter. Mona, Fritz and Rupert are three charming animal figures made from hand-crafted bisque porcelain hidden in surprise eggs made from the finest chocolate. Both manufactures share a keen eye for detail and highest standards of quality.

The three Easter Ambassadors give a glimpse of the Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg’s extensive repertoire of animal figures: Mona the tortoise, a brand-new design from the master workshops, accompanies Fritz, a cute classic design from the 1930s by Luise Terletzki-Scherf. With Rupert, a hare figure by Theodor Kärners from 1917, the two manufactories have achieved a real masterpiece: more than 2000 grams of chocolate encapsulate the languid, long-eared creature. And all of the highest quality. Head confiseur Christoph Lindpointner has created a richly decorated chocolate egg especially for Nymphenburg.

As Easter time is perfect for giving presents I will give away this Easter special to the reader who tells me all about his Easter celebration feast.

Share it with me and this wonderful collaboration will be yours. Send me your ideas totakepart[at]irmasworld.com

What a charming surprise: The White at Heart Easter Edition 2014
What a charming surprise: The White at Heart Easter Edition 2014