Dressed for Endsleigh Hotel

By Anna-Maria Karstens

I decided to escape the hot summer in the city for a couple of days and visited the lovely Hotel Endsleigh in the tranquil countryside of Devonshire in England. This lovely place is set on the edge of Dartmoor in the middle of the lush, English countryside, a three-and-a-half hour drive from London. I speeded up the travel time by taking a plane from Gatwick to Newquay and found myself in the tranquility of paradise.

Surrounded by cheerful bird song, fragrant roses and relaxing river sounds, I felt as if I had become part of a fairytale. In addition to feeling completely at ease with myself in the breathtaking interiors, I made use of the calming surroundings by reading The Great Gatsby, going for long walks and enjoying the spa facilities.

To add a little bit of adventure, I took the opportunity to fish the River Tamar that runs through the beautiful gardens. I also kept myself busy with some good British country sports, from golfing to horse riding, canoeing and archery.

Although almost too exhausted to leave this place, I decided to visit a sweet little market town famous for its food and independent shops, which made me hungry and looking forward even more to a cosy dinner near the fireplace, where, soon enough, I was eating a crab salad with compressed pickled kohlrabi and whipped avocado, followed by a selection of British artisan cheeses as dessert. My little retreat could not have been any better and is a perfect prep for busy business meetings in London or anywhere else.

IRMA packed her bag light and easy as you do not need much.

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