Almasanta – making sustainable fashion inspiring, stylish and fun

I had the opportunity to meet the two Almasanta founders, Claudia Magrina and Mercedez Escoda. Almasanta is a fashion brand of high taste and quality, stressing the importance of combining sustainability with unique trends. The two gave us an insight into their platform, what lies behind it and their personal way of living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

IRMA: What does sustainability mean for each of you in your daily life?
CLAUDIA MAGRINA & MERCEDEZ ESCODA: Every day we make choices that effect the environment, the climate and our society: by what we eat, the lifestyle we live or the decision on how we want to dress. These decisions can change our generation’s future. Both of us try to be conscious every day – every small step counts!

IRMA: What comes to your mind first when you think of clothing, getting dressed?
CLAUDIA MAGRINA & MERCEDEZ ESCODA: First of all, I want to be comfortable but at the same time I don’t want to make any compromises in terms of my personal style. I love to wear unique and handmade pieces with a great attention to detail. That is why at Almasanta we always follow our three main principles:

1. Never compromise on quality.
2. We love fashion and therefore we select the most important trends.
3. Always look for something different and unique.

IRMA: What do you always pack when travelling?
CLAUDIA MAGRINA & MERCEDEZ ESCODA: I never travel without my ReDone jeans, a comfortable Stateside T-shirt and golden Carrie Forbes handmade sandals. This makes a classic and comfortable look with a little twist – I basically live in my ReDone denims, they have an amazing fit! For an outfit upgrade I always go for a colourful mare di latte skirt with a denim shirt from Blue Shirt Shop. We recently discovered this amazing brand, which produces in Corsica and it is my perfect summer-find.

IRMA: How do you look for new brands and ideas?
CLAUDIA MAGRINA & MERCEDEZ ESCODA: We are constantly trying to find new brands and we look all over the world. This is a constant development – we basically never stop and have our eyes everywhere. This is a very dynamic market and it is great fun to see interesting brands popping up everywhere. We always keep thinking of evolving our offer and try to give the best service to our clients. With our finds we want to show how inspiring, fun and stylish sustainable fashion can be.

IRMA: What is the unique experience I get from shopping at Almasanta?
CLAUDIA MAGRINA & MERCEDEZ ESCODA: Almasanta offers a very special shopping experience because you will find sustainable products following the latest trends. All products are of extremely high quality and you can find unique and handmade pieces amongst a selection that makes it easy for you to see how the brands produce and act in terms of social responsibility, ethical production, and how and where they act environmentally friendly. On top, we deliver in 2 days within Europe and all returns are free.

IRMA: To change my lifestyle into a more sustainable way, what would be your tip on how to start?
CLAUDIA MAGRINA & MERCEDEZ ESCODA: I would suggest to start with a great carry-over piece such as a pair of perfect jeans. This will accompany you throughout the seasons and combined with a comfy organic cotton t-shirt in summer and a cashmere sweater in winter it can be your uniform. Rather buy fewer things in the best possible quality than many pieces. This also helps to define and evolve your personal style. You will literally watch your carbon footprint shrink.

IRMA: Your favorite place in the world?
CLAUDIA MAGRINA & MERCEDEZ ESCODA: My most favourite place in the world is the Okavango Delta in Botswana. You can feel the nature and freedom with all your senses. The colours make this a truly unique and captivating area. The pure, interminable canals and waterways, thousands of islands and changing scenery of nature make this my very special place.

Almasanta founders Claudia Magrina and Mercedez Escoda

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With the kind support of Almasanta