Do you sleep well?

That is the question, as a healthy sleep pattern start with an inner balance, a healthy lifestyle and the way you create your sleeping situation. An airy room, not too small, light, a window, a good quality bed and of course natural, soft bedding. We had a chat with the Design Director, Leeta Steenwyk of Bella Notte who sleeps pretty well as she lives a happy life, creating beautiful things and her work matches her life balance as well as an output for her creativity.


IRMA: How important is colour, material and fabric when it comes to bedding?
LEETA STEENWYK: It is important to consider all of these elements when dressing your bed, the place you rest and recharge for the next day. I think of my bed as a sanctuary and take time to consider what fabrics and colours feel the best for me, especially for the sheets. It is an act of self-care to create a space that will nourish you with rest. While colour has the power to set the mood of the room and to affect your mood, quality of fabric should be the #1 consideration.

Leeta Steenwyk of Bella Notte

This is what will cocoon you as you sleep so you should love the way the fabric feels and it should be made conscientiously. It is better to invest in a few quality pieces that are special, than to have a lot of mediocre pieces that disappoint. Even if it is only one delicious piece that makes you smile, it is worth it.

IRMA: You once said, “My greatest success is that I am so richly satisfied with my life. I love my job and am grateful to live in a beautiful part of the country surrounded by nature with a vibrant, inspiring creative community. That sounds so easy and makes sense. To your opinion, how important is creativity to a fulfilled life.
LEETA STEENWYK: It does sound easy, but as we all know, most success is a matter of personal perspective and aligned with learning, lessons and hard work. I have always followed my heart and that has motivated me at every juncture. Creativity is another way of following your heart and at times, finding your heart. We were all born with a creative instinct and that’s why running with your imagination feels both liberating and comforting. Expressing ourselves creatively, through making art or a thoughtful meal, reminds us to live life joyfully and gratefully. Spending time celebrating your imagination is as important as soft sheets.

IRMA: Nature is a big inspiration, and all your couture textiles are washable at home. Is taking care of your bedlinen and cloths at home more and more becoming a trend? Do people want to be in charge and knowledgeable of how their intimate textiles are taken care of? Why do you think is that?
LEETA STEENWYK: I’m one of those people that have always ignored the dry clean only tag and hand washed at home. Not that I’m advocating disregarding care instructions! It is so convenient to be able to wash your own linens gently and without harsh chemicals all while you’re answering emails. It also makes the linens softer each time you wash at home. I do think it is a, hopefully long-lasting, trend that people are avoiding chemicals in favour of a healthier alternative. This past year has also taught us that we are capable of far more than we thought and can do quite a bit by ourselves, in the comfort of our home.

IRMA: Dressing a bed must be fun, how do you start, what inspires you most?
LEETA STEENWYK: When dressing my bed, I start with the most luxurious feeling sheets in a colour that I love. I add pieces for comfort – in fabrics, colours, and patterns that are as soft as they are beautiful. When I fall in love with a new piece it gets added to the mix. This concept of creating a personal sanctuary inspires me when designing new collections and colours for Bella Notte. I want to pass along the inspiration to spoil yourself.
What are your favourite accessories to add to your bed ( room )?
I like a cooler bedroom, so I keep a beautiful blanket or personal comforter nearby if I need another layer. I also have our oversize royal shams in a cosy silk velvet behind the sleeping pillows to make reading in bed more comfortable and luxurious. These small pieces are fun way to refresh the look of your bed and noncommittal way to bring in an unexpected colour.

IRMA: An ideal bedroom looks how to you?
LEETA STEENWYK: I like a non-cluttered bedroom which is lived in, cosy and is uniquely your own. A few special pieces thoughtfully composed on a dresser is a good way to bring personalized beauty to your space. I also like a made bed. It helps the bedroom to look neat and is calming. The idea is not perfection, but to give a little loving attention so your bed looks inviting and is ready to catch you after a long day.