The Golden Hour by La Prairie

There are two times of the day that have the most energetic force.
One is the calming energy of the sunrise, and the other is the fierce temperament of the golden hour around sunset.

There are millions of reflections from the evening sun hitting the leaves and there is a smell of earth, fauna and wood that intensifies when touched by sunlight.

When the day is winding down, the light sets the warm glow around everything and paints the world gold for a moment or two. We all share that experience, when we turn our faces towards the sun and embrace the warming energy. It is pure and rich. Gives us strength to restore and reenergize.

La Prairie pulls of its energetic inspiration from the Swiss Alps and the PURE GOLD COLLECTION is best represented visually at the Monte Rosa Hut at the Valais Alps, where artist Carla Chan was invited to develop an artistic series of her work for the Swiss luxury house.

This place embedded in glaciers and an endless sky is the epicentre of energetic force which is found in the new PURE GOLD COLLECTION.

Nature relaxes your mind and your features. The calmness that you experience from a natural environment is inner and outer balance.

But even at any other natural site we can experience the beauty of the golden hour and draw all the energy to benefit from our mental well-being and our skin-caring effects. The energy of the light makes our skin more recipient for the purest ingredients to balance and nourish and that is exactly the essence of the latest PURE GOLD COLLECTION by La Prairie.

Pure gold, a precious metal, that shows radiance the minute it touches light, yellow and complimentary blue that is necessary for radiant skin but also sets free receptions for the other ingredients of the PURE GOLD COLLECTION formular to enter our skin and activate its benefits, like the renewal process.


That feeling when you can actually touch the golden light. Literally walking through the rays.

This particular experience is coming to full range with three new products: Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate, Pure Gold Radiance Cream and Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream, which are delicately fragranced and reminding us of the soaring summits of dusk in Switzerland.

This high luxury skin care concept comes to a peak with the swiss luxury house’s general concept, reflecting not only to the heights of craftmanship, but is culturally and ethically elevated. Therefor they created all products with their first replenishable vessels, that make each gold brushed metal casing to be kept indefinitely.

Your skin gets touched from the light and its reflection.

To find out more about each product and your general skin care routine we found the best consultation and support at the YBPN perfumeries around Germany.
They work together with la Prairie and have knowledgeable staff that not only looks accurately at your skin but also consult you individually.

I recommend visiting one of their hubs to test the new La Prairie PURE GOLD COLLECTION and make your own experiences.


The Pure Gold Collection by La Prairie.


The beauty of nature is reflected in your mind.