A house tour. Villa Necchi, Milan

Homes like the Villa Necchi Campiglio stand for their time. A house that is significant, part of the rich and elegant industrial middle class of Milan in the 1930s.
The villa in Via Mozart in the heart of Milan was commissioned by the Necchi Campiglio family. Built by the architect Piero Portaluppi in 1935 the disposition of the interior spaces corresponds to the traditional layout of noble home in that time: the daytime areas on the ground floor, the bedrooms on the first floor, the service rooms in the areas under the roof, and the den as well as the changing rooms and the bathrooms for the pool in the basement.

The minute you enter the lush garden with its own swimming pool and tennis court you feel a different aera. Time seems to stand still and you can easily imagine the social gatherings of the family living the good life in Milan. That might have changed after World War second, when areas of the villa underwent changes effected by the architect Tomaso Buzzi, who sweetened the linearity of Portaluppi’s style, and inserted aspects inspired of the 18th century, especially those in the style of Louis the 15th of France and such large family homes had suddenly a different purpose. Still this house has many dreamy and artful aspect, especially the many marbled bathrooms, the winter garden covered in mint green and the open dressing rooms which give you a sense of fashion of that time.

Let me give you a tour.