Countryside, love you, feel good

JK enjoying the countryside with Polly from @Nellythebeagle; artwork by Fernand Léger, Les Illuminations

What is better than a weekend in the countryside? Every once in a while I need to get away from it all, just Polly, a bunch of good books and a bag of comfortable clothes, that’s all I need to rewind and get all the energy from out there in the green countryside.


  • Leave your phone behind, otherwise I promise you will not get to your books.
  • Pack clothes that feel good on your skin, lots of cotton and light cashmere wool in the summer, it will get chilly at night.
  • Forget about make-up or nail polish and just fuel your skin with your favourite beauty care products.
  • Oil or moisturize your hair, not only at night but also during the day when you go for a walk in the sun.
  • Solitude can be good at times. Just take along your pet if you have one or borrow one if it’s hard for you to stay alone.
  • Take only basic food with you. Just imagine a freshly baked bread, organic butter and a pinch of Himalayan salt — a perfect supper. Try to keep it simple so your whole body gets a rest.
  • Get lost in time and don’t wear a watch. Just live and get up by the sunlight, something great to do especially during the summer.
  • Don’t tell anyone where and that you are going away, just disappear for a long weekend.

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