Cool and to the point, the Lancaster Sun Sport suncare series

By Jimena del Cuvillo Schröder – Team IRMA

IRMA takes her Sun Sport Body Mist not only to the beach. Refresh your suncare easily throughout the day without getting your hands greasy.

The right technology of a product can do wonders and so it is almost like going to a beauty spa when you spend a day in the sun with Lancaster Sun Sport new Invisible line. We tried out a day where the product itself does the job and came back home with a golden sun tan.

Sweat & water resistant

No matter if inside, or near the water, it isn’t only our face that needs to be protected from the sun, but also the rest of our body. In theory we should reapply sunscreen after every swim, but who are we kidding? Way too often we forget about this little must-do when we are in our holiday-relax mode. The Lancaster Cooling Invisible Body Mist with “protection in motion” technology is – of course – able to resist water and still leaves you with up to 70% sun block after a swim. Whether it’s while kitesurfing, waterskiing or simply during a swim, the protection will stay just as active as you.

Cooling effect

When exercising on shore, it is extremely irritating to feel a thick layer of sunscreen clogging up your skin, making you sweat even more. Not only does it make you feel uncomfortable, but the sweat washes off the sunscreen and leaves you exposed. Here we also found the Sun Sport Body Mist so very pleasant. To be honest, you barely feel that you are even wearing sunscreen, and it is said to cool your skin down up to 10 degrees. As the skin heats up, the polymeric structure of the spray changes and the cooling effect is released. During a jog along the beach, while playing tennis, riding and more, the Lancaster spray protects and refreshes at the same time. Even if your skin is sensitive or impure, the product is alcohol and oil free – leaving you with a dry finish.

After sun + tan maximizer   

At the end of the day, when you and your skin are both exhausted from the heat and the sun, the Lancaster Tan Activator Complex will take your tan to the next level and prevent your skin from drying out. It activates the natural melanin production in your skin which brings out every bit of your glowing tan! Step out of the shower, spray on the after-sun and you will be ready for a sun downer.

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