IG Couture

Fashion is in a constant change and shopping via Instagram is not a new trend. But lately the new brands have a certain je ne sais pas quoi mentality, which means we just do what we like and make it eco-friendly and of course sexy.
Their web shops are without saying homemade, hardly descriptions nor sizes, just style. One could say the anti-movement to the precision of myTheresa and Net-a-Porter.
Huge followership still makes business going and at the same time creates a new aesthetic worth looking at.

The pieces showing are not about tailored couture, it is easier cut, stretchy, recycled, and super slim and skinny for a punch of body awareness that is in great demand.


Here is IRMAS list of brands to watch:


Marine Serre

Her collection has a cult following (580 Tsd.). A mix of French couture shapes, sportswear fabrics and decisive Eco futurist themes, definitely a new way on looking on to fashion.




FE Noel

The Brooklyn based designer’s motto is: Eat well, travel often and dress to impress.

FE Noel




Peachy Den

The London brand Peachy Den celebrates the easy intersection between slinky sensuality and plush comfort. Peachy Den constructs clothes from fabrics that prioritise movement and all-hours cosiness, while still being flattering for each peachy figure.
The brand consciously pays attention to durable materials with a high proportion of natural and recycled fibres. The sourcing and production of organic and sustainable materials is done in Portugal and Italy. With a zero-waste spirit, they try to reduce and reuse their own waste wherever possible, turning fabric scraps into scrunchies and selling samples on Depop.



Peachy Den



Iris Orseund

The New York Designer Lana Johnson aims to create wardrobe staples that feel at once nostalgic and modern. Find a collection of elevated essentials from easy satin tops to chunky knits, combined to XL Pants.





Georgios Trochopoulos

When Kendall Jenner wore his striped halter neck knitted top the brand became famous in seconds. Now, it’s a whole trend to wear extra small, barely covering tops, George’s style, also handmade, knotted together.