Best Prep Tips to Get Dressed


PARIS: How to get dressed quickly and feel good all day long? This is the question when getting properly dressed in the morning. You know the feeling when your jeans seem to be too tight between your legs but in fact you have chosen the wrong panties. When you wish that it will not get too hot in the office because your bra is still showing the tips of your breast under that white silk blouse and when you wish to have used the self tanning lotion last night because you want to get rid of your opaque tight which you thought you would need this morning because it was still chilly outside.

So do not worry about these things any more and read how IRMA tries to get these problems off her list. Follow her tips and feel perfectly dressed.

  • When you are not happy about a part of your body and although you tried to make friends with your legs, for example, but it still didn’t work, think about the best materials and cuts to hide your problem.
  • Let’s stay with the legs. Thicker materials for trousers which contain elastane form your legs better than transparent ones. Look at proportions and see how your silhouette works best.
  • Try different cuts of trousers with different heights of shoes, squint your eyes and try them out in front of the mirror.
  • You will feel much better dressed when you start at the base, your skin. Use scrubs, wax, body oils and scented powder to feel beautiful. In mid-seasons start with self tanning products and try to let whenever possible air and sunlight onto your skin. It is great for circulation, an extra portion of natural vitamin D and it helps to make self tanning lotion stay on even longer.
  • Use the perfect colour underwear for different outfits. When you are travelling, pack only skin-coloured underwear which contains elastane.
  • Instead of tights I prefer to use just sock liners in my shoes instead of socks. They warm your feet and still give you bare legs. You can also wear padded soles as inlays in your shoes; they even come with light cushions which make you walk and stand comfortable all day long.
  • I am not a great fan of compression hosiery, although they form your legs nicely. If you still want to wear them, I recommend them in an overknee version. That way you have a more comfortable feeling around your waistline.
  • Slip dresses are a great invention. I wear them under my dresses and I feel more complete dressed and warmer throughout the day in between seasons. You can also wear the ones with built-in bras and feel like everything stays in the right place.
  • You like to wear a loose, transparent chiffon dress but feel almost naked when moving around? No problem. Build different layers into your dress of skin coloured or nude toned bodies and slip dresses, to soften the look and to keep the transparent appeal top all necessary layers with one light silk camisole before you get dressed into your Valentino floral.
  • When you wear a dress all day long and go out with the same dress at night, make it look different by changing its form and proportion with a perfect belt. Enhance your figure by placing the belt in the right position and get longer legs when you wear it with flats during the day and without a belt back into a boxy shape at night with your favorite high heels.