Bergdorf Priesteregg. Alpine life in balance and harmony

In uncertain times like these, the alpine eco resort Bergdorf Priesteregg in Leogang (Austria)  embraces you with a vacation resort concept which offers a wide range of experiences that enhance your wellbeing in the here and now.

The hotel’s slogan is : „Be simply human again.“ Sounds simple, but for most of us, the everyday chores and tasks keep us from finding inner peace, and a stay at Priesteregg might help you to find that balance and serenity we all crave. This destination echos the most modern standards, especially the Wilderer Lodge offers everything a retreat in the mountains has to offer.


One of the Chalets made entirely from old wood.


LOOK & FEEL.  Priesteregg has two outdoor pools, a natural basin with a yoga pond next to it and a heated infinity pool. How we dress in the future is different. Natural materials, artisanal details and loose fits are essential.


Breakfast is served in your own chalet’s dining room, will you might still snoozing upstairs in the fluffy sheets of your bedroom. The variety of organic and homemade cheese, cold curt muesli and regional read gives you a delicious taste of Austrian’s hospitality.
In case you like to be physical active, you might like to start the day with a swim in the heated infinite pool wich offers the amazing panorama of the alpine country.

Rain or shine_ you can always simply stay in you chalet for a day of beauty sleep or a hop in your open air bathtub or hot tub between naps, With endless possibilities like that, social distancing suddenly becomes the charming alternative to our busy lives at home: either going on a hike or staying in and enjoying the comforts of your private chalet.

Priesteregg has two outdoor pools, a natural basin with a yoga pond next to it and a heated infinity pool.


A weekend retreat at Priesteregg might get you in the perfect mood for a new way of life we will be facing the next weeks.

Staying at home, being with your family, finding relaxing in nature and shifting the focus on little things that have a big impact, like homemade food, the atmosphere of your home and a way of life that is about less than more:
The new luxury in uncertain times.



DETAILS that show care and love of the region are present everywhere. Every furniture is made out of wood, the flowers in the vase are regional.


STOPPING TIME or rather forgetting about time. You wake up when the sun rises. A couple of days at Priesteregg resets your metabolic clock.


Please visit the hotels website for latest information about COVID – 19. The Hotel also helps to organize a fast CORONA test upon departure.