Amplified glow by Lancaster

At this time of the year, when we are longing for more light and longer days, all we wish for is glowing skin complexion.

You can use bronzer, illuminator and any kind of decorative cosmetics, but in the end what counts is a good base – a skincare routine that lets your skin glow and protects it. Also add a pinch of healthy living to your beauty care and you will glow from the inside out.

IRMA found the lastest technology-advanced product series, Total Age Correction Amplified by Lancaster, that creates a skincare routine in the morning and at night and a perfect base for a glowing complexion.

So how does it work and what can you add to your skincare routine for the day:

During the day, our skin needs to be supported and protected, as regeneration mechanisms slow down with age and naturally during the day. You want something that just boosts the body’s own mechanisms. Therefore, the Total Age Correction Amplified Day Creams (and the night cream as well) optimize the cellular function with a plant complex of pongamia, green coffee, green tea, and bitter orange peel.

+ Start your day with a Sencha green tea or a mix of freshly grated ginger and curcuma with some lemon in hot water. Your metabolism will function immediately and your complexion will wake up, actually cell function from within – and it shows.

Of course protection means also sun protection. Lancaster’s famous expertise in suncare products comes together in the Full Light Technology, which is part of the Total Age Correction Amplified Dark Spot Corrector & Glow Amplifier and the Day Creams. It acts on three levels: First, it redirects visible and infrared light with a system that acts like mirrors on the skin’s surface. Secondly, this technology absorbs UVA and UVB rays and part of the visible light and prevents hyperpigmentation. And finally, the Full Light Technology contributes to neutralising oxidative stress caused by sunlight with a unique combination of antioxidants.

+ On a very sunny day I like to add some extra cream above the upper lip to prevent fine lines and dryness. With this extra I feel this sensitive skin part is perfectly protected.

The new formula of the day and night creams also features soy extract, which is rich in glycoproteins and polysaccharides, and helps increase collagen synthesis and makes the skin looking more supple.

+ I like to use small amounts of cream several times during the day as well, instead of just in the morning, especially in winter before going out or when coming back home from the cold.

Again, add some beauty-beneficial food into your meals, like for example a sliced, raw cucumber before dinnertime or bitter vegetables like chicory and radicchio salads to stimulate the liver and kidneys for a better detoxification which will show again on your skin.

In 1976 Lancaster pioneered adding retinol to its cosmetics. This most effective anti-aging ingredient is captured in a natural bio-polymer which optimises the formula’s ability to penetrate the skin effectively and deliver the ingredient to where the skin needs it most, doing its work while you have a good night’s sleep.

+ Massage the Retinol-In-Oil Night Cream with your fingers deeply into the skin by contouring strongly the bones of your chin, forehead and nose, great to activate your skin cells. You can also use a damp linen cloth before applying the cream for better penetration.

Retinol-in-Oil Night Cream boosts all the reparative, regenerative and moisturising mechanisms that naturally take place over night. It also contains optical agents that blur the appearance of fine lines and blemishes.

+ That is why I use the night cream also before going out at night. Before going to bed I also like to apply the cream extra thick to my face so it works like a mask (twice a week). Don’t forget to put some still water beside your bed. A sip at night, even when you are not thirsty, cleans the tongue and moisturizes your body while it rests.

Jasmin from Irmasworld tried the new Total Age Correction Amplified from Lancaster and came to the conclusion that it’s all about prep and light.

With the kind support of Lancaster Beauty