A reflection on 2023 and cheers to a flourishing 2024 – A grateful message from Irmasworld

Dear Friends of Irmasworld.

This year has proven to be exceptionally significant within the realm of our brand in our small, unhurried world. As you’re aware, we tend to adhere to a multitude of directions, a practice that doesn’t necessarily simplify matters. However, as the year draws to a close, we sense a convergence of all elements, linking everything from magazine endeavors (irmasworld.com and Sotheby’s) to my illustrative contributions (featured in our Callwey-published book and various projects). Naturally, our expanding collection has increasingly become an integral part of our creative family, serving as the nucleus of our endeavors.

Throughout the year, we seized the opportunity to showcase our collection at various pop-ups, engaging with numerous new clients from diverse corners of the globe. Our private studio in Munich opened its doors to welcome local clients, and our outreach extended through lunches and dinners hosted for our publishing clientele.

It appears as though the year was marked by a flourish of celebrations, gatherings, travels, and enjoyment, though, as you can well imagine, it involved more than its fair share of hard work. Believing in ourselves, constructing a constancy that never grows mundane, and weaving together all the threads required resilience.

Looking ahead to the new year, we harbor grand plans and draw inspiration from our collaborations with fabric clients such as Pierre Frey and others who provide us with the canvas and tools for our creative pursuits. Ultimately, it’s about the ingredients you work with and the individuals you surround yourself with.

I extend my gratitude to all and wish you a joyful, healthy, and benevolent New Year in 2024.

I also like to thank my team, editors, graphic artist, tailors and suppliers for irmasworld, Sotheby`s magazine and the jasmin Khezri Collection , I am sure you will recognize them in this drawing.