A healthy SHOT in London

Shot, London


The other day in London we found SHOT, one of the coolest health stops in London.

We not only love their fresh, organic recipes but also enjoy spending our lunch break in this clean, crisp interior.

We had a chat with Asad Naqvi, co-founder of SHOT, who’s healthy guidelines are easy to copy into your daily life.


IRMA: What make SHOT different from other Health food places?
ASAD NAQVI: Our 10 Promises. They lay out the roadmap to a healthier diet and we go to extreme lengths to ensure that we never compromise these rules. Zero chemicals; no refined sugars; unprocessed, nutrient-dense ingredients; organic for ingredients susceptible to pesticide absorption; free-range & grass-fed proteins; clean cooking methods. No rival brand comes close to matching these promises.

IRMA: In your opinion what is the most important about heathy food, what do you have to look out for
ASAD NAQVI: Try to limit the amount of chemicals, additives and preservatives that you ingest. By eating fresh, clean and unprocessed food, you can provide your body with the natural fuel that it needs to perform at full capacity.
At SHOT, we are 100% free from artificial preservatives, flavourings, colourings, sweeteners, emulsifiers, or any other chemicals. We are also entirely free from refined sugars and trans-fats.

IRMA: The ingredient you could not live without?
ASAD NAQVI: Matcha, I am addicted! It is loaded with catechins, the most potent of antioxidants. And not just that, it also contains chlorophyll and L-Theanine. Combined, this means that you get your caffeine shot whist also boosting energy, brain function, relaxation, detoxification, metabolism and your body’s defences. And at SHOT, we use only organic, premium grade matcha!


IRMA: How do YOU live healthy?
ASAD NAQVI: A combination of a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise and good sleep! And regular meals at SHOT of course!