A chat with Artsi Ifrach, designer and visionary from MAISON ARTC in Marrakech

The former dancer and designer Artsi Ifrach is in our mind when it comes to truly individual collections, one of a kind vintage pieces with an artisanal touch. Alex Eagle in London buys his creations. He opened The Addis Ababa Fashion Week / Hub of Africa and his fantastic showroom in Marrakesh is worth a travel by itself.

Artsi Ifrach loves hats, he uses them to create a character.


IRMA: Last Time we had a chat in 2018, what happened since then?
ARTSI IFRACH: So many things happened since then, I think things always happen this is part of the energy of creativity and how actually you grow up as a designer. We continue to grow as a brand, we had a great show in Lagos, Nigeria. I had a photography exhibition in Marrakech and in Jerusalem biennale, we won the first buyers prize in Milano Fashion week for camera de la Moda and so many other things.

IRMA: How important is the art of portrays for your work?
ARTSI IFRACH: I think it’s very important because through that you actually tell a story as well as it becomes significant and valuable and not just a piece of fabric that becomes wearable.


A fashion shoot from his current collection.

IRMA: Make-up: which role does it take in your creations?
ARTSI IFRACH: Well it doesn’t actually. Not because I don’t have any respect for it which I have but I usually don’t use because I feel that the natural feeling helps me a lot to tell the story which I like to tell.

IRMA: Traditional and contemporary, aren’t they merging more and more?
ARTSI IFRACH: I don’t know if they are, it’s key words that I used and worked with since I knew myself as a designer, I think tradition is our DNA and it’s very important to preserve it. And I think it’s a very nice dialogue between those two words to combine the past and the future into a piece.

Black and white, volume, proportion… Artsi Ifrach knows all about it, the former dancer loves to play with shapes and how they move.

IRMA: How about hats?
ARTSI IFRACH: I love hats, I wear them often and I like to play with them, as it helps me to create different characters.

IRMA: And Embroidery?
ARTSI IFRACH: I love the artisanal ones, I work a lot with that, it’s an essential part of my work, I like the technique, I love the human touch. I just love it.

IRMA: Dinner jackets and tuxedos?
ARTSI IFRACH: Sounds very chic.

Traditional Make up interpreted in a modern way.

IRMA: and volume and proportion?
ARTSI IFRACH: I love the drama; I love to play with volume as I was a dancer I understand very much the movement so I love to play with that.

ARTSI IFRACH: Black and white, monochrome, sounds great together, actually it’s a great beginning of inspiration.


A mix of materials, shapes and details creates a final piece by Artsi Ifrach.


Colour mix, and braids. Every design is a one of unique piece.


Artsi Ifrach is not interested in fashion but in a traditional language that transforms itself into art and a modern visual language.