Fake furs to keep you warm this season


LONDON: You no longer have to feel bad wearing fur these days. The latest furless furs are made in bright colour combinations, vibrant designs and latest tech material developments. It is all about a great cut and tech material that looks like fur and keeps you warm, not only for your coats and jackets. It’s all in the accessories, snoods and even shoes which are trimmed and lined with the fake.

Take a look at IRMA’s most favourite fuzzy toppers and wear them along with your favourite jeans and on top of your chiffon dresses.

We were thinking about fur in general and if we should wear it or not? At IRMASWORLD we think that vintage furs are a different story compared to furs you buy first-hand today. In those times the awareness of animal freedom and environmental care was not in a stage as it is today. We are much more educated now and know where the clothes that we wear are coming from and how they are produced.

Anyhow, it is your own decision to make but it is good to know that fake furs are on top of our list these days.