Interior Ideas from the Proper Hotel by Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler

For the Proper Hotel in San Francisco, interior Designer Kelly Wearstler conjured an extensive backstory before she started that project. All Proper Hotels share a certain DNA which is intrinsically dialled in to the best and the coolest aspects the areas have to offer, sharing with guests the flavour of each city. San Francisco for example has an artsy, cool, intellectual West Coast vibe. The city became her muse in everything from the palette and materials to local artists and rich European influences. The design of San Francisco Proper aimed to bring together the best of the old world with the most vibrant of the new.
Taking a cue from a range of early pre-modernist European styles, the deep colours, rich textures and natural materials complement the patina of the original building while infusing a touch of modern wit and comfort.

The story for that hotel is as followed: You’re in this cool bohemian woman’s home and it’s like a series of living rooms. This woman lives there with a black cat called Charmaine, who hangs out on the rooftop, and you are just lingering in her eclectic, artful salon.

We interviewed Kelly Wearstler for AD Germany in April in Milan during the Salone del Mobile and picked today the 6 most significant design ideas to copycatfor our own home.



Photo: courtesy of The San Francisco Proper Hotel

This is why everyone should think of a very personal story for once home wen you start decorating. What is your personal style and how does it match with your living surrounding and lifestyle?
Will you be getting everything new or do you have favourites you´d like to incorporate with new design. Which is your red ribbon which makes everything perfectly matched in an effortless style.


Photo: courtesy of The San Francisco Proper Hotel

Although you might not live in a region with all year-round warm temperatures make your outdoor extend your indoor style, even if it is only a small balcony.

We love the bold black and white striped pillows in the arm chair design which gives a cosiness for an outdoor furniture. A source of fire or warmth make this space an all year-round favourite spot.



Photo: courtesy of The San Francisco Proper Hotel

Gives instant personal touch, especially when an artistic or hand manufactured carpet lines the floor. Mix photography with found 2 dimensional things from around the world together with your favourite artist work or photography. At the Proper Hotel Kelly chose a lot of geometric, cubism pieces of art and decoratives which matched the architecture. What would be your favourite match for your room, colour wise, art wise and size wise? You can make an interesting mirror to a piece of art by hanging it in-between or a piece of fabric like a vintage foulard.



Photo: courtesy of The San Francisco Proper Hotel

Invest in things which stand out. That might me a lamp, a lamp shield, a sofa, a vase or just a pillow. This one particular piece might guide you to your entire design concept. You`ll find outstanding pieces at flea markets, auction houses or on eBay



Photo: courtesy of The San Francisco Proper Hotel

Look for interior history of your favourite direction. Let’s say old French country houses or Italian palazzos.

A round or oval table in the middle of a room with a stunning flower bouquet gives each entrance a stunning atmosphere.



Photo: courtesy of The San Francisco Proper Hotel

Are we going heavy again? Patterned sofas, carpets and even walls? If you want to play with patterns do it like Kelly and stay in a similar colour palette, add repletion with same chairs, tables or lamps to relax the eye.

Kelly is a master with the matching and I think her trick is structure, something that hold all together, as you can see.