Winter hair is no longer a problem

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IRMA has seven of the best tips & tricks how to get you and your hair through the winter season with more good hair days than bad ones:

1. Brush duty
When you are wearing caps and hats all the time, your scalp needs a breather and some extra care. Massaging your scalp is one way. A nice daily brush would do. Brush you hair in every direction that is possible like from left to right, from right to left, diagonally, from back to front. The often said 100 brush strokes not only massage your scalp, they dispense the natural oils into the dry ends, which is simply the best care they could naturally get. Your brush should be made out of natural bristles, maybe mixed with some nylon pins, for a more intensive massage effect.

2. Skincare
Skincare? Yes, treat your hair, or rather your scalp, as if it was your face. Because if your scalp is healthy, your hair comes out healthy as well. A calming treatment like Kérastase’s Cure Apaisante Anti-Inconforts is the ideal pause-button for sensitive scalps.

3. Smooth out
Moisturizing formulas in shampoos and conditioners is what your strands need right now. Like Davines Nounou Shampoo or OiI Conditioner. Needless to say that you follow shampooing with a conditioner every time. And please, just once a week, do a rich hair mask. Best you wrap your masked hair with a warm-hot towel so your hair really soaks up all the rich ingredients. And even after a mask, follow with conditioner for closing the hair structure.

4. The pre-shampoo mask
If you are keen on trying something new, then go for Bumble & Bumble’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre-Shampoo Masque. As the product name says, this balm transforms to oil between your hands and then deeply nourishes your hair in a ten to twenty minute session. Perfect if you don’t find the time for your weekly spa afternoon.

5. Anti-static guard
Hats, scarfs, dry air — there are a lot of reasons in winter that hair is more prone for static. Try to leave in conditioners that moisture your hair. But the ultimate trick is a flexible hold hair spray. Just mist your strands or spray a small amount on your natural bristle brush and comb through the ends. This is also a good prevention against humidity.

6. Headgear
Nobody wants flat hair, especially not if so much effort is put into caring and styling. So why not use your coat’s hood instead? It keeps you warm, and prevents your hair from humidity but allows it more space to move freely. If you simply can’t live without your hat, then treat your roots with hairspray the same way as mentioned above, and then reactivate the volume with your fingertips by quickly massaging your roots.

7. Anti-freeze
And finally, remember never to leave the house with wet hair when it is cold outside. The wet hair will freeze and finally hair ends will break. Protection is key!