White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa: a family project in Zanzibar


PAJE BEACH, ZANZIBAR: After a great and adventurous vacation at the Kilimanjaro in Africa, Andre Niznik and his family, owners of the White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa, came to Zanzibar to relax and accidentally discovered their personal paradise. Being passionate kite surfers, they came back year after year and finally decided to built a holiday home which turned into the plan to create a fully sustainable eco resort of the highest quality.

To find the prefect spot, the family travelled around Zanzibar and even took a plane to fly around the island, sometimes as low as 15 meters above ground. They found the ideal location for beach lovers and kite surfers alike, Paje Beach. It turned out to be a huge project that definitely consumed a lot of planning, energy and creative thinking. First the plot had to be well planned and structured because where you see today the beauty and splendor of fauna and flowers was before a rough wilderness. Carpentry and other workshops were set up on site to build the resort and continuously supply it with furniture and repairs.

Katarzyna Kuzminska, Mr Niznik’s wife, knew she wanted to have something different than the typical African dark wood interiors you can usually find on the island. “We treat this hotel like our home, so this is the reason why I made the interiors very cosy and friendly. That’s why this is a totally different project. It is a real family place.“

And it was clear that the resort should to be totally self-sustained regarding water and power. When you travel in Africa, you quickly learn that sustainability and natural resources are not only a luxury, but also a necessity to think of when developing a new property.

The layout of each villa is carefully planned. You have a two-house concept, one for sleeping and the other one for living. Wherever you look, you will find graphic elements that are put together unpretentiously by natural materials, fauna and the very minimalistic furniture.

The light has a soft golden touch and little ideas like a large sandstone walk-in shower or an old wooden ladder as towel rail in the outside bathroom makes life easy when you spend the day in your private villa. “We planted about 50.000 tropical plants. The plants provide our guests with privacy, they are like “natural walls”, explains Ms Kuzminska.

In fact, you do not want to leave your house, as you have so many different areas to lounge, daydream, read your book, swim in your private pool or just gaze onto the blue ocean. And if you come back after a kite surfing lesson (you only need 10 lessons to 10 hours to start) or a visit to the hotel spa you feel the splendor of your private villa and enjoy every bit of it.

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