When I need to rest, I draw

In July this year I had the pleasure of being invited to Parkett Dietrich in Wuppertal to show a curated selection of my work and to paint live on their wood panels.

Since 1918, Parkett Dietrich has been a family business specialising in the manufacture of exceptional parquet floors. Based in Wuppertal, they have numerous showrooms throughout Germany and work with renowned interior designers worldwide. Their showrooms beautifully display their impeccable design sense and expert craftsmanship. And for a number of years now, Alexandra Dietrich has been combining this craftsmanship with exhibitions by visual artists on the premises of the manufactory.

Hanging IRMA illustrations in the Parkett Dietrich showroom in Wuppertal

This summer I was invited to paint directly on the wooden panels used for her parquet flooring. It was a very spontaneous project and when I started thinking about the format, the sketches and the surfaces, I was sure that it had to be done with very refined and limited brushstrokes.

First ideas


IRMA painting on the wooden panels.

I had never painted on wood panels on such a large scale before, but once I started mixing the paint to the right consistency, it felt right. The medium size brush immediately adapted to the wood and following my sketches was easier than I thought.
Was it the atmosphere of the workshop? The welcoming team or the inspiring textures, materials and objects that surrounded me as I worked on the panels?


It was a relaxing experience to paint on wood. You should try it!
Or at least start sketching, especially when you feel exhausted. Concentrating on a simple line and mixing paint with water can be the most balancing exercise, but that is another story.

IRMA illustrations in the Parkett Dietrich showroom in Wuppertal


final works


IRMA on wood


Jasmin Khezri (IRMA) working on the panels.


Jasmin Khezri (IRMA)

Today is the last day to visit the exhibition in Wuppertal, https://www.parkett-dietrich.de but please email me if you would like more information about the panels or the work on display at info@irmasworld.com.


Bilder © @rainerrudolfbenoit, @lucasheider_, With kind permission of Parkett Dietrich