What to wear in times of a pandemic?

The new look for going out is either for a trip to the country or at your local park with a hot toddy in gloves or a coffee-to-go; but make it Irish as it’s cold, freezing cold.
Will we change the way we dress in the future? There is a tendency for us to adapt to temperatures and environments as almost everything now has to take place outside.

Fabrics play a key role here as they have to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer. Flexibility and fit are now equally in focus. We want to move around easily and standing around at cocktail parties is so yesterday.

When we meet with a friend, we have a cup of tea or coffee and go for a walk. My dog has never been to the park so often and in our collection, we keep thinking of things that keep you warm and comfortable and still look cool and chic.

That is easier in summer and a challenge in winter but follow IRMAS Tipps and you will be dressed appropriately.

Keep warm by pattern, the more the better. Think of adding and layering and do not worry about matching the perfect print. When the materials are of high quality it all goes together nicely.
Left side: Scarf Hermès( Winter 2020), jacket vintage Miu Miu, Shoes Hermès, Socks Burlington, skirt Max Mara, Sunnies Bottega Veneta. Right side: Cashmere scarf and sleeveless Gilet by Irmasworld.



It has never been as casual before. The latest Spring collections show denim and comfy shoes mixed with functional jackets and accessories like baseball caps at Celine and kind of Vans at Gucci


Still you can go chic and elegant. Use your favourite accessories new and vintage to give your look a certain dash. Colourful socks are perfect, put a focus on what is still visible ….
Left side: Coat Prada Autumn 2020, Vintage earrings Prada (2004 collection), denim shirt COS, handbag Prada Resort 2021
RIGHT SIDE: Coat Prada, Marie Blouse by Irmasworld, shoes and socks Prada.


A jacket, a coat (yes, a sleeveless gilet, the latest addition in our collection), easy to wear from both sides, belted or not. A must to pants and dresses. Perfect also under a coat.


Our new cashmere scarf and hat are embroidered with our signature double face illustration. The scarf is also perfect as a plaid, poncho or headscarf.