How I Wear Haute Couture Now


PARIS: The fall couture shows have been a voyage de rêve with outstanding ideas and visions of the couture houses like Dior, Chanel, Vionnet…. The finest materials, embroideries and ribbons in a context which you could not have imagined before, all mixed up into the prettiest creations by each designer. If you don’t have the penny money to spend or even the time to wait if you would have ordered any of the looks which were shown this week, follow IRMA’s tips below and feel chic instantly.


CHANEL: Sew your own Chanel bag which consists entirely of a thick  signature bouclé material and wear it to a matching jacket or coat. Use a special ribbon trimming on the edges of the bag to get the full Chanel look.

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA: Collect all the penny money you can bring back from your trips abroad and paste them on your tops or go to a special party shop and buy fake money which is often lighter and easier to glue onto your garments.

VALENTINO: Decorate your transparent blouse or dress with black plastic cuttings and glue or sew them on top of the fine material. You can also find ready cut ornaments in black or gold which make a perfect decorated piece.

VIONNET: Wear layers in different colours on top of each other. Just make sure that they are transparent, so that you can create a nice texture.

ARMANI PRIVÉ: Start matching your accessories and take colour codes and geometric forms to get inspired. Use glossy tape, plastic pieces or stone and glue them onto a simple bracelet or a clutch.

CHANEL: Make your jacket special with a fine lace trim on your sleeve which gives an elegant touch.