There’s a New Cup in Town


MUNICH: Today I take my new little colour-coded Dallmayr capsa boxes with me to work, where I am already looking forward to my well-deserved coffee break.

I can find them in the supermarket or, even better, at the legendary Dallmayr store in Munich and choose easily by the colour of the new capsules by Dallmayr capsa.

Each colour tells a story of flavour, aroma and sensitive coffee pleasure. Four colours for espresso and two lungo varieties are now available. The capsules work perfectly with my Nespresso machine.

The colour coding makes it easy and quick to use, and the boxes, which hold ten capsules, are beautifully designed so they fit even in my smallest handbag and don’t take up too much space in my kitchen cupboard.

Dallmayr capsa is the latest tune for my Nespresso machine and I cannot wait to go on a break. Follow me in the next weeks and join me for a coffee break. There are so many more things you can create with the new Dallmayr capsa capsules; I will let you know soon.