The new IRMA Fall Basket collection

Our new basket collection for fall is out and if you think that basket material is only something for hot summer months you might be mistaken. By now a basket belongs in every wardrobe, all year round. It is the most nature friendly and sustainable accessory you can go for that creates a constant happy go lightly vibe.

We made it special with an individually painted artwork by Jasmin Khezri.

Five different styles for Fall especially designed with a black waterproof ribbon, creating a nice contrast to the natural palm leaf material.

The classic design comes in two sizes the Mini Basket all with simple handles and the XL shopper.

To create an effortless business look, use the Kelly style basket handbag for day and for the upcoming October Fest there are specially two different designed minis with a black & white design of polka dot textile and black & white ribbon.

The artwork is inspired by the original black outline of the IRMA figure drawing but on some baskets, it is taken onto an abstract direction.

The material is palm leave and the shoulder straps and handles are made of coated black ribbon band. The artwork is black and red (for the lips) acrylic paint.

Send us an email to for enquiries about design, shipment and styling tips and of course we would love to hear your opinion and thoughts about the new fall collection.

Coat by Celine, jeans by topshop, shoes by dior, sunnies by Alaia






IRMA Basket Kelly
Polo by Polo Ralph Lauren, pants by odeeh, mocassins by MaxMara
IRMA shopping Basket large


Dress by arket






Dress by Horror Vacui


IRMA basket Kelly


Dress by Tory Burch, shoes by la Manual al Pargatera, sunnies by Bottega Veneta



Dress by an an londress, hoes by Max Mara, sunnies by Saint Laurent
IRMA basket Mini Shopper


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Jasmin wears a silk dress by an an londree, autumn/ winter 2010, moccasins by Max Mara, sunglasses by Saint Laurent Winter 2020, carrying a Mini Carry with black waterproof handles.