New York Fashion week comes in stripes

I am a fan of the New York Times cooking blog. Subscribe to the page and you will be indulged with seasonal, mouth-watering recipes that not only gets you busy in the kitchen but in this week’s case inspired us to create an editorial round up about New York fashion week, which comes in stripes.

Stripes are having a big come back and striped chintz sofa’s might be replicas of the 80ies but they are a statement of every chic uptown NY apartment, coming very soon or still there.

Before changing your interior, you might get inspired by the colour combination of stripes by the summer 2020 collection during this fashion week. And whether you want to aim for a total look or just the striped design on your new Puma running shoe we found at Bergdorf Goodmann , stripes have also a psychological impact on your surroundings. They implement summer, fresh-and lightness , especially when  a Lemon -Soda Buttermilk Parfait by Gabrielle Hamilton, is presented by food photographer Johanny Miller and styled by the food stylist Maggie Ruggiero for the NYT, head to their page and have this show off desert at hand whenever you plan your next dinner Party. Or just enjoy it by yourself on your Walter Gropius Couch we found at 1st Dibs and do it like Audrey Hepburn, look pretty in stripes as seen on the Photograph by Mark Sahaw at 1st Dibs.

Tory Burch, summer 2020
Victor-Glemaud, SS20, Ready-to-Wear. (c) Richie Shazam


Walter Gropius F51 Bauhaus, 1st Dibs
New York Times Cooking Blog
MARK SHAW, Audrey Hepburn on a striped Sofa


Gabriela Hearst Spring 20120


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