Wear a scarf when traveling

After the balaclava in winter comes the head scarf for spring. How do you make a headscarf look cool and effortless and what else can you do with a carré? It seems that head scarfs have been long forgotten. Remember the 50s and sixties where any women leaving the house protected her hair style with a silk scarf.
Do we feel like protecting ourselves again, or is the silk carée simply back in fashion? And there are so many ways to wear them. They are easy to pack, also into your handbag. They are great when travelling to protect yourself from air conditioning and when they are pretty, they make every outfit look great.
They make you look dressed when you are wearing less in summer, they can be a great styling help to alter things and tighten a coat or jacket. They are cool on hats and make every bag look chic and the best they can be worn as skirts and ponchos in summer.

How we wear it: All scarfs are from different seasons by Hermès