Summer Holidays – Skin & Hair Care Routine by Dr Timm Golüke

Even on holiday you can relax when it comes to skin care. Packing light can also apply to your cosmetics, but it is still important to have a few essentials with you:

In the morning, a cleanser, micellar water and waterproof sunscreen are a must.
If your skin is dry, add a moisturiser before applying your sunscreen.
As micellar water is gentle on the skin and doesn’t remove a lot of oil, it’s a good option for all skin types, it cleanses the skin without removing too much of the skin’s natural oil/ sebum.

A double cleansing in the evening is necessary to completely remove sweat and SPF.
An antioxidant serum and a light moisturiser or cooling mask that can also be used as a night cream. If you feel your skin is thirsty, apply the moisturiser generously like a mask and leave on until it disappears naturally.

Hair also needs extra attention and protection from the sun, seawater and chlorine.
If you are out in the sun, wear a hat during the day and/or use hair products with SPF.
At night, use a hair mask every other day to give your hair a boost. Before and after holidays, use a scalp exfoliator and apply a scalp oil before blow-drying your hair.
Before swimming, apply a hair oil or conditioner to protect your hair from damage and colour fade by creating a physical barrier between your hair and the harmful chlorine.

If your skin is prone to blemishes, you may want to visit your beautician before you go on holiday for a cleansing or moisturising treatment.
Lip or cheek fillers add volume to the face, giving it more shape and texture, which can boost confidence before you go on holiday.
Botox treatments should be scheduled 14 days before your holiday.

After the holidays, treatments such as carbon laser and IPL laser are ideal for revitalising the skin and improving any hyperpigmentation that may have developed or worsened.
Make sure you book your appointment well in advance of your holiday so that your skin can receive the treatments it needs at the right time.

Dr Timm Golüke


Dr Timm Golüke studied medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. After training in New York (Dermatology, The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center) and San Francisco (Dermatopathology, University of California), he completed his specialist training in Dermatology at the Dermatological Clinic in Darmstadt under Professor Hagedorn and at the Dermatological Practice of Professor Luderschmidt in Munich.

Dr Timm Golüke completed his doctorate in dermatology at the Dermatological Clinic of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich with a thesis on autoimmune skin diseases. He opened his own dermatology practice in Maximilianstrasse in 2004.

Since 2017, Dr Timm Golüke has also been certified by the General Medical Council in the UK.

In 2015, together with biochemist Dr. Leonhard Zastrow, Golüke launched the Phytoactive Royal Fern line, available online at