REGIME DES FLEURS, Creating scents

Our editor–at–large is obsessed with Perfume makers and loves to find the most unique Perfumeries world-wide.
Today we are introducing Alia Raza and Ezra Woods who founded the fragrance label Regime des Fleurs in 2014 and today they are known for their unique take on luxury fragrance, taking inspiration from history, art and of course nature. Their flacons are painted and their scented candles remind us of roman sculptures. You can find their handmade perfumes in New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

IRMA: When did you decide to make fragrances? And why the two of you together?
ALIA RAZA: We met almost fifteen years ago in Los Angeles, and our first conversation ever was about perfume and flowers. Ezra was a fashion stylist and I was a filmmaker and artist. Years later, we decided to try working together on a creative project for the first time. It turned out to be a great match. Within a few months we had made six perfume formulas and began to design our bottles. We launched in 2014.

IRMA: What is something you do not like about perfumes etc. in general?
ALIA RAZA: We don’t like when they smell cheap!

IRMA: What was your first perfume? What did you like about it especially?
ALIA RAZA: L’artisan Parfumeur Tubéreuse, which is now discontinued. I loved it because it was beautiful and didn’t smell like anyone else at my high school!

IRMA: Scents are so much about individual taste- how do you try to cover the spectrum?
ALIA RAZA: We make what we love, but we also challenge ourselves to use ingredients that we aren’t as familiar with. Some of our best perfumes started out as scents we didn’t want to wear and with some work ended up pleasing both our noses.

IRMA: If every room in your house could smell differently (forever) including your garden, what would it be and why?
ALIA RAZA: The garden would always smell like freshly bloomed gardenias. The kitchen would smell like bergamot. The bedroom would smell like irises. The bathrooms would smell like mint.

IRMA: What smell really bothers you that other people might find pleasant?
ALIA RAZA: Thierry Mugler’s perfume Angel. It’s definitely unique, but it feels like it’s burning my nostrils…

IRMA: If you would lose one of your senses, what would be the hardest lo live without for you?
ALIA RAZA: Can’t answer this one! Feels like bad luck!