Perfect night out

Maggy Smiss enjoying the night, slider on the homepage: IRMA’s vintage Chanel bag in her favorite powder room
Maggy Smiss enjoying the night, slider on the homepage: IRMA’s vintage Chanel bag in her favorite powder room

By Maggy Smiss (translated by Lara Moukhtarzadeh)

PARIS: You already know how you want to spend a good night going out about town? Here are some more tips from our Guest Editor Maggy Smiss who studied animateur musical & scénique in Lyon to become a DJ at the l’école des DJ named UCP and who is now deejing and hosting music events. Make your next party a great success and enjoy the morning after with a few tips from a girl who loves to go out.

IRMA: What should you always carry with you in your bag?
MAGGY SMISS: When I go out, I always make sure to have my credit card, my lipstick and of course my phone in case I meet some cool new people.

IRMA: How to have fun in clubs without feeling bad the day after?
M.S.: A good night starts with a great day! In the morning, I do my sports (minimum 30 minutes of cardio), I eat healthy and I drink a lot (water of course!). These are the three points which will always help you to feel good and start the perfect night out! Another important point: during the party, don’t stick next to the bartender, go dance and try not to mix too many different alcohols, try to have a glass of water every hour.

IRMA: What is the perfect time to go out?
M.S.: In France, the party really starts around 1 am but now you have this kind of new concept like the bistro club. It is like a restaurant where the music starts to get louder around 10 pm and the atmosphere more festive. There you can go to have a nice glass of wine and enjoy a great environment. If the party is a lot of fun, you will go back home around 3 am and you will still be able to enjoy the day after.

IRMA: High heels or flats?
M.S.: You should only wear high heels if you can walk and dance with them. If you don’t feel comfortable, just forget it and wear nice shoes in which you feel beautiful and comfortable. Nothing worse than to remain sitting in a chair because of your shoes!

IRMA: What are the five things that you shouldn’t forget if you want to have the perfect house party?
1. The number one thing is to create a top playlist. Start with chill music and upgrade it to festive music. You can already prepare it on Spotify or you book a DJ.
2. Prepare some snacks but be careful not to leave the bowls on the table the entire night because at a certain moment they are going to be empty and people will use them as ashtrays!
3. You have to be sure to have a space where everybody allows you to be loud. Make sure to inform your neighbours before so they already know that their is a party in the house and if they are nice you should ask them to come and enjoy the party with you.
4. To keep the costs low, write on your invitation: “A bootle of chilled champagne is always welcome!”
5. You can also propose a theme for the party so you make sure that everybody will be well dressed. Prefer balloons to confetti! It is easier to clean the day after!

IRMA: What are the three songs which create the perfect ambiance?
M.S.: In order of appearance: Stevie Wonder “Superstition” – Michael Jackson “P.Y.T” – Lykke Li – “I follow rivers” (the magician remix)

IRMA: Thank you, Maggy!