Palacio Solecio, arts & culture in Málaga

Another special place created by the Marugal group in the heart of the historic town of Málaga, Palacio Solecio is in walking distance to the Museo Picasso, The Centre Pompidou Málaga Art Center and the Picasso gardens. If you come the week before Easter, you will be part of the Semana Santa, where you will have processions every day in town till midnight and you can witness one of the highest Christian holidays.

Main entrance of the Palacio Solecio

Like the others of the Marugal group, Cap Rocat in Mallorca and URSO in Madrid, this four-star hotel has the same focus on high-quality solid and clean, yest cozy design for the individual rooms. Only the best materials make this small luxury hotel room a perfectly agreeable place if you like to dip into the culture and history for some days in the city of Málaga.

The public space is small and not the focal point. Except for the BALAUSTA restaurant, which offers traditional Spanish cuisine in a refined and delicious way.

You won’t find a spacious lobby, and although the bar is adjacent to the restaurant, the focus and value of this hotel is the quality of the rooms. From the bathroom design, bed linen and overall materials such as fabrics and floors, the quality and design are of the highest standard, which is otherwise unusual for a four-star hotel.

Cozy seating at the BALAUSTA restaurant

The friendly concierge and overall service makes you feel instantly at home and there are many ways to spend the days, besides spending it in the old town, the various museums, the famous tropical garden Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción or just simply for a lunch at the many Chiringuitos along the sea that offers local fish and dishes.

Palms sheltering the Palacio Solecio

Yes, Málaga is not the most picturesque city on the Costa del Sol, but it is a worthwhile cultural stop all year round, especially the old town. Get your morning coffee in one of the many cafés and stroll from one museum to another, enjoy lunch at EL Caleno by the sea, for example, or spend the afternoon with a book in your room. It’s worth it, as this 17th-century palazzo has an atmosphere you’ll love spending your time in.

If you feel like a day at the beach there are many beautiful beaches along the coastline, the concierge can advise you and the short flight time makes Málaga a perfect weekend getaway.

The courtyard of the Palacio Solecio


The streets of Málaga