Dress up your face with flowers


When Thornton Bregazzi designed floral, romantic dresses for PREEN for the Spring 2017 show, it was an inspiration also for make-up artist Val Garland from MAC to use flowers. Not like before, where flowers had been painted onto skin but this time the flowers were real, had been dried before and were glued onto the skin to enhance the look. Make-up artist James Kaliardos was also inspired by this trend and decorated the models’ faces and necks for the Rosie Assoulin show during New York Fashion Week.

There are many ways to make use of dried flowers. We also like it when they show up on your legs under a silk, fare hosiery. It might look like a flower tattoo at first, but take a closer look and you will recognize the beauty of real dried flowers.

More ideas to use dried flowers for your make-up which might be your next festival look:

1. Use single dried blossoms on the edge of your face and cheekbones so they become a frame for your face. Use a moisturizer before and eyelash glue at several points to make them hold.

2. First create a fading eye shadow make-up and use similarly coloured flowers on the outer eyelid. Make sure to use small blossoms so the flower will not crack when opening the eye. Use liquid or cream eye shadow and eyelash glue.

3. Dry flowers with a long stem and glue them on moisturized skin so they look like tattoos. It looks especially pretty when they appear to be growing out of a collar or sleeve.

4. Make your ear jewels more extravagant by using liquid, bright or golden eye shadow and paint your ears. You can also use dried blossoms instead of earrings as your new natural jewellery.

5. Paint fine flowers with a super thin eyeliner and create your own shapes and blossoms. Why not use a transparent flower all over your lip instead of lipstick? We have been inspired by Rosie Assoulin’s blossom earrings.




Zoe grew up in Germany. Became a lawyer in Düsseldorf, fell in love with a film maker from NYC and left Europe to follow her heart. Zoe is working as a Muse in New York City, giving inspirational artistic counselling for artists, PR stories, photo shoots etc. . Zoe published two books, hosted a TV show, and is always open to any new experience that feeds her hunger for beauty and love. Zoe lives in New York City together with Rhett Butler, her Egyptian Sphinx cat.

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