Opulent caviar – La Prairie has elevated science to an art form, interpreted by three Swiss female artists.

In 2019 at Art Basel in Basel, La Prairie collaborated with three very different women artists. All three artists had been working with the medium of photography and shared the assignment to work on a series of their own interpretation of The Gaze to celebrate the latest La Prairie innovation Skin Caviar Eye Lift.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift, Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream at YBPN perfumeries

I found the product through a recommendation by a YBPN-Expert in one of their perfumeries. YBPN means Your Beauty Professional Network. They are situated all over Germany  and are known for their professional consultation, especially in the range of skincare. In these perfumeries shopping is more than just a shopping, it’s an experience.

Where did it all start? The Clinique La Prairie is situated in a refurbished manor since 1931, located on the Swiss Riviera overlooking Lac Leman and the Swiss Alps, a place of peace and tranquillity.

Since its founding and the start of Dr Niehans’ ground-breaking work, Clinique La Prairie has been known as a pristine sanctuary of rejuvenation working with their signature Cellular Complex and always the latest research allowing to fine-tune and advance its formulation.
The exact formula is still kept a secret, but the key ingredients stand for the company’s DNA, like Caviar Extract, Caviar Water and Caviar Absolute, that offer unparalleled lifting and firming benefits, helping to improve the structure and functional quality of the skins extracellular matrix.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift, Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream at YBPN perfumeries

In 2019, at Art Basel in Basel, the artistic collaboration focused on the gaze and all three female artists put a focus on vision, light and the interpretation of their inner self that reflects their work differently.

Daniela Doz

In her series Résonance I to III the photographer Daniela Doz makes reality visible through her abstract compositions and installations, which are midway between shadow and lightness. In Résonance I the artist uses the notion of shadow as a marker of the passing of time by projecting light onto a structure made out of windowpanes and mirrors which she then photographs and mounts on mirrors for La Prairie.
Résonance II shines in La Prairie’s signature colour deep blue and Résonance III shows the desire to seek traces of beauty and perfection where she structures the bright and dark areas by lines.

Namsa Leuba

The Swiss-Guinean born photographer Namsa Leuba shows three photographic works for La Prairie at Art Basel which symbolise the notion of time. Her first work, NANIHI I, where a girl is closing her eyes in order to escape the passing of time.
Her second Work HITIATA, stands for the present, a women gazing directly at the viewer to symbolise the present moment and her work NANIHI II, is presenting a memory by the picture being partly faded and blurred which challenges to live in the absolute present and now.

Senta Simond

Senta Simond created a series of close-ups portraits of young women from her surroundings who are no models but authentic, natural and unaffected.
In her work she uses the gaze of each women to express a variety of emotions. Some women look downwards, past or directly into the camera, each model connects differently with the viewer to evolve different emotions.

With IRMA as an alter Ego of the illustration artist Jasmin Khezri, the character also becomes partly an interpretation of the illustrator’s inner self. In her illustration art she expresses on the surface with colours, patterns and fashion the interpretation of beauty, moods, allure and culture. IRMA becomes a contemporary alter ego. A customized character.

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