December Beauty Edit

December is a tricky month. You don’t know what to take care of first. Is it your mind that needs some enlightenment, your skin that needs more moisture or your inner wellbeing that needs some extra vitamins?
We have kept it short but to the point. These essentials will make a difference this December.

Illustration ©IRMA

This classic all-rounder gives you at least the vitamin C and is a solid source of flavonoids, which even reduce the appearance of dark circles, and taken internally it exfoliates your intestines, and shredded on a plate it is the perfect natural exfoliant for your skin and the extract juice makes a natural toner.
Make sure you have hard and sour apples at home as they contain more vitamin C.


ROYAL FERN Retinol Solution by Dr Timm Golueke
A firming retinol palmitate with brightening glycolic acid for smoother looking skin. An innovative mushroom extract is added in combination. Both ingredients work hand in hand for a fresher, finer-looking skin that is plumped up from within. To complete this new retinol solution, probiotics strengthen your skin’s barrier, protecting it from damage caused by cold weather, for example.


KRUUT, Strong Roots
All tinctures and powders are organically produced in Germany. The strong roots tincture is an elixir of all the power of the forest, such as oak, birch, beech and lime buds, combined with organic alcohol and glycerine. Just a few drops will bring the energy and security of the forest into your daily life or a stressful situation. Perfect to keep in your handbag as no water is needed to dilute.


ORVEDA, Eye Cream
This nourishing eye cream also works as a treatment for eyelashes and eyebrows. The cooling cream minimises any visible puffiness and can even condition lashes and brows. The secret of OVEDA products is a blend of high-performance bio-identical lipids. As we age, lipids – those essential fats that bind moisture to the skin – become depleted, weakening the skin’s natural protective barrier and causing visible signs of ageing. If this lipid barrier isn’t restored, the skin can become dry, more sensitive and more reactive.


RETTERSPITZ, JUNIPER Wacholder, Incense Candle
Healing, care and well-being have been at the heart of Retterspitz’s corporate philosophy for 120 years and are reflected in every product they create. This Wellbeing Scented Candle has a top note of juniper & basil, a heart note of jasmine & freesia and a base note of tree resin & musk. A lovely combination for a grey November day with a pleasant, delicate scent.