All I Need in My Mini Bag


LONDON: I have to admit, any kind of mini bag makes my outfit look cool and modern those days. I like the proportions when I combine my tiny bag to an XL coat or just a pair of tiny shorts and a square top. The question is: How do I fit in everything that I need for my day in such a tiny bag?

Tips to organize this little fashion must-have:

  1. First of all, you always have the option of carrying an XL shopper in your other hand. Make sure it is really large, made out of heavy canvas and spacious enough to carry everything along. I love to use my IRMA bag (order at….. ).
  2. Don’t carry cash, just credit cards and if you need coins put them in your pockets like your boyfriend.
  3. If you are lucky your lipstick might fit in. If not, ask your favorite counter girl to fill up some of your lip colour in an empty mini jar. Or use a soft lip liner which can be also used as a lip stain.
  4. Look for mini bags which have several compartments, so you can find your passport and driver’s license easily. Chanel makes a wallet on a chain which is very useful.
  5. Keys might be a problem, especially when you drive your own car. Use leather ribbons with key chains and wear them around your neck under your top. Hermès and Bottega Veneta make beautiful ones.
  6. Make your iPhone your tech assistant. I no longer carry diaries, agendas, cameras and scrapbooks separately in my handbag. Instead I take full advantage of my personal assistant.
  7. Use silk paper, for example by MAC, to mat your nose instead of carrying a powder box.
  8. Umbrellas definitely won’t fit into your mini bag. Buy the sort of see-through plastic headscarf your granny used to wear. They are ultra thin and might even look chic with a cool pair of shades.