Mila’s Smoothie


NEW YORK: My last day in New York and I am on my way to the Cannes Film Festival in the South of France. One last interview with Mila and I will be ready for the beach, the soirées and my beautiful evening gown. The last days I have been enjoying the specially made smoothies which Mila created in the morning. You can  try them yourself wherever you are.


What is your favorite (healthy) restaurant in New York?

My favorite is Greek fish restaurant Milos, in Midtown. It has the freshest fish that is flown in daily from Greece, as well as the best tasting vegetables. It’s very popular among demanding Manhattan crowd for its great food, service and hip atmosphere.

Where do you go food shopping in New York?

Whole Foods Market and Fairway are the two best food markets in NYC. You can find fresh seasonal organic produce there of great variety.
Citarella has the best fish counter with incredible variety of fresh wild caught fish and seafood, as well as meat ranging from wild game to organic farm-raised. Zabar’s  is the best for cheeses and milk products.

Do you skip meals, and if so which ones and what is the benefit in your opinion?

The best meal to skip is dinner. In most traditional cultures, dinner or supper was considered a “supplemental” or “soup-like meal” – never the main meal. The main meal was typically taken in the afternoon. Skipping dinner a few nights a week is a  great weight management tool. It helps our body to detox, improves metabolism, minimizes water gain and contributes to better energy.
If your lifestyle is hectic and you don’t have time for two proper meals a day, start your day with a nutritional protein shake with added antioxidants and adaptogens, and try to have high protein lunch with healthy carbs. Dinner can be vegetable soup, or just a cup of yogurt with some berries.

How do you deal with food cravings to still keep your sugar level stabilized, are there any tricks?

Soluble fibers have been found to suppress the appetite by satiating the gut and therefore the nervous system without increasing the calories. Flax seed or chia seed, which is a high fiber, can curb or naturally suppress the appetite.

What sport do you practice when in NYC? When at the beach? While you are
very busy with your job?

If I can’t get to the gym I put on my roller blades and ride around the park for 30 minutes. The best way to start a busy day is 15 minutes of yoga stretches and breathing exercises.

Best food you would recommend for a sportive day.

Start your day with high protein breakfast such as omelet with vegetables or hard-boiled egg with sardines. Drink green smoothie with hemp powder and branched chain amino acids complex like BCAA.

Is there any food / supplement that relaxes your body after sport?

Branch chain Amino Acids such asAminoVital by Ajinomoto, or HMB Fuel and ZMA are great supplements to spare muscles from catalization, decrease lactic acids and improve overall muscle tone. Amino acid are beneficial during and after workout.

Do you have a recipe for your favorite smoothie?

My preferred smoothie is a blend of UltraClear by Metagenics with fresh berries like blueberries and strawberries, ½ teaspoon of each superfood powder – maca, acai, ashwaganda, maqui and gogi, with addition of either almond or rice milk. Blended together with few ice cubes makes it a delicious and nutritional drink, I usually have it at least once a day.