Meet Beee, a young pretty girl who takes care of your skin

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Larissa Laudenberger in Berlin to launch her Beauty Beee Line in January 2015 during #BFW, her lip balms are great to use in summer & winter and her bubble packaging fits into any handbag. The Beauty Beee products are fun and her circle of friends like to send photos of arranged products in their rooms.

MUNICH: About a year ago I got a phone call from Larissa Laudenberger, the founder of Beauty Beee. We met and she spoke enthusiastically about her idea of establishing a beauty line with skincare products for young girls. She had a certain character in mind, a young girl who wouldn’t need any make up but who wants glowing clear skin and just the best ingredients to protect and take good care. It was great fun to develop sketches of this young new character I would develop. But read about how Larissa came up with the idea and made the big step into the beauty world

IRMA: How did you come up with the idea of creating a beauty line for teens?
LARISSA LAUDENBERGER: Coming from a family with five siblings, me and my sisters always wanted to have our own beauty line. We recognized our mother’s products in her bathroom and asked ourselves: “Why isn’t there a skincare just for young girls?”

So by the time I was a grown-up there was still no skincare, especially for a younger target group and I decided to found the company Beauty Beee.

IRMA: What are the main ingredients in your products?
L.L.: Our main intention was to create products which combine health and lifestyle. We wanted to develop natural skincare without parabens, silicones, synthetic colorants or preservatives, mineral oils and producing without animal testing. The main ingredients in our Body & Shaving Butter for example is coconut oil, one of today’s superfoods. Our two different lip balms contain coconut oil and shea butter. And our face cream goes with fruit acids which help to peel the skin and let it glow.

IRMA: So far, where can I buy your products?
L.L.: At the moment you can purchase Beauty Beee products in our online shop, Furthermore, you can find a selection in some exclusive Shop such as The Shit/ Yes my Love in Berlin, Die kleine Theatiner Parfümerie, Munich, Giacomelli Trachten-Couture and Nicki’s at Lake Tegernsee and online at .

IRMA: When you asked Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD to create the packaging, what did you have in mind?
L.L.: I wanted her to mix a health character with a trendy and stylish packaging. The idea was to create a feeling of happiness, trust and satisfaction while buying and opening the Beauty Beee products. But the main intention was to always stay individual and to create a packaging with a lot of warm and happy details.

IRMA: How is, feels and thinks a typical beauty BEEE girl?
L.L.: Beees Girls are her best friends so they’re always loyal, have a big smile in their face, are sporty and love to communicate. A Beee Girl wants to learn and experience a lot, loves to travel, to meet up with her friends and ALWAYS radiate a positive attitude.

IRMA: Your personal beauty care tip for Beee (a twelve-year-old)?
L.L.: First: always use a face cream with UV protection. Second: Beee anything you want to be!

IRMA: What are your plans for the future? Which other products are you planning on developing in the future?
L.L.: Soon we will launch a cleansing face wash which purifies the skin, removes make-up and environmental influences perfectly. Next summer there will be a face sun protection and a tinted face cream which covers reddening and spots.

Thank you Larissa, lots of success and many more friends for BEEE !


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