Lorna Murray’s studio visit

Hats are fun and protective, but travelling with one can be a pain.
When I heard about Lorna Murray’s hats, which fold like origami and are handmade in South East Asia, I wanted to find out more about her work in her Sydney studio.


IRMA: Could you tell us about the technique you use to make each of your hats?
LORNA MURRAY: The Capri is our original pleated hat design, carefully handmade from natural grass fibre and woven by artisans using age-old techniques. It is specially designed to fold and unfold like origami, making it the perfect travel companion as well as a luxurious fashion statement offering sun protection.

Lorna Murray at her studio


IRMA: How did you start your idea and production, what was the initial idea?
LORNA MURRAY: I had a passion for creating headwear and clothing for sunny, hot climates and through my global travels I was inspired to create artisanal pieces from natural, sustainable materials that people would love to wear.

Pleated hats


IRMA: How do you translate your textile design into a hat?
LORNA MURRAY: My background and passion for the visual arts drove me to create and present pieces to customers that represent the brand and all that we strive to achieve. To embrace the concepts of alchemy by transforming raw, two dimensional materials into three dimensional pieces that capture the imagination and tell a story – making those who wear them not only look good, but feel good about their purchase.

Lorna Murray at her studio in Sydney


IRMA: What makes your hats unique and why should we wear more of your option?
LORNA MURRAY: With sustainability at the forefront of our brand, all our hats and accessories are expertly hand-woven, hand-dyed or cut from the finest wool, silk and cotton materials to minimise environmental impact. We grow our own grass, which is then cut, dried and hand-dyed by our artisan partners in Indonesia. We create our pieces in small batches and our pieces are beautifully packaged for a unique customer experience. We audit all external suppliers and ensure they adhere to our code of ethics. We also work with internationally certified factories in China, India and Ecuador.


IRMA: Your favourite look/style you like to see your hats in?
LORNA MURRAY: I love an eclectic sense of style and appreciate a classic sensibility. I enjoy embellishing looks with vintage items from my wardrobe gathered from near and far, such as brooches, scarves, belts, vests and other treasured accessories that tell a story. Above all, I love quality craftsmanship in beautiful materials.

IRMA: Where do you find inspiration for your collection and colours?
LORNA MURRAY: From materiality, inspired by extensive global travel and hands-on experience through immersion in culturally rich communities. Seeing first-hand the divine global textiles and architecture and using them as a reference, along with nature itself.

Lorna Murray